More Than A Shot.

As you all know, I work in a nursing home and in a facility like that I feel like we are constantly fighting against perfection. People expect perfection from those who care for their family members and loved ones. However, they do not seem to realize that we cannot be perfect but we can be loving, caring, and try to be perfect. Nurses take a lot of flack for not doing this thing or that thing or being too harsh but today I got to see a nurse show true love for a resident they take care of.

We have a patient who just had head surgery and she is relatively young (younger then 40).  She had to have half of her head shaved in order for the surgeon to do the procedure.  Needless to say she has not left her room for anything but showers since she got back a week ago.  She is ashamed and embarrassed by the fact that she is half bald and she feels as though people stare at her.

So today a nurse and I went on a venture to make her a beautiful hat to wear to the dining room (his idea).  I dug and dug and dug and DUG until I found a hat that I could bedazzle for her.  Then the nurse took the hat and proceeded to cover the hat with green glitter and frogs, a couple of our patient’s favorite things.  He knew what she would love because he took the time to get to know her and love her.  He did this to make HER feel more comfortable.  He took time out of his day to make HER something to feel more comfortable in her home.  He loved HER.

There is hope in this world and it can be found in the small things like making a dull hat sparkle.


2 thoughts on “More Than A Shot.

    • Yes, Curly Miri, seeing these things in life make these dreary world a little more beautiful. When I feel hopeless about the human race I just look back to memories such as these and realize that maybe humans aren’t all bad. Thanks for the comment!!

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