Changing Seasons.

The seasons are finally changing here in the Ozarks.  Yes, fall may have technically started on September 22nd but it was not until this last week that the temperatures dropped to 60.  This week I turned off the air conditioner/heating unit and have opened all the windows while I sleep. I wake up to cool crisp air. I love it. I broke out my cardigans and light jackets. I went and got myself some fall scented candles and I light them regularly.

I love the changing of seasons.  I prefer them when they are slow transitions so I can ease myself into the new season, however this does not always happen. Sometimes seasons will just smack you in the face. One day it’s beautiful and then the next thing you know you have snowstorm on rearing on you. This is when you have to be able to bend with the wind.

You have to be flexible when things change in your life. Sometimes you get nice easy transitions and sometimes you don’t. Sometimes transitions will cause strife and struggles in your life.  That’s okay. You grow during these times.  Accepting that not everything will be easy will allow you to stand firmly rooted in your ground and simply bend with the wind.


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