Awesome Autumn Festival.

Sunday at work we had our annual Awesome Autumn Festival. We do this festival every year to raise money for our resident Christmas fund. The fund is to help out facility buy gifts for residents who have little to no family. The festival is centered on a car/truck/motorcycle show but we also have food, music, and crafts. Oh, oh, oh and a hayride!!

The residents absolutely loved the festival this year. We had a parking lot full of old and new cars to peruse. They enjoyed homemade corndogs, cotton candy, chili, and live music. I even caught quite a few of them singing along to the music. I know I had a lot of fun watching and spending time with them.

I may complain about job on a regular basis but when I watching the residents have fun Sunday made me realize that I am a part of a loving group of people who just want to make the gold years of these people wonderful. Seeing the residents have fun and enjoy themselves brings me joy and peace in my job.

I challenge everyone to find that one thing that brings you joy and peace about your job. Most of the time it will be something small like the hug from a coworker or it may be something as large as the Awesome Autumn Festival. You cannot go about your days not finding joy.






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