Today Is A Wonderful Day.

Today is the first day of my three-day weekend. Woo-hoo!! I spent the night at my parents’ house last night because we had family night. We made pizza and watched The Internship. I really enjoyed this movie a lot. I believe my parents enjoyed it too. Last night was wonderful but today was pretty good too.

I found out yesterday that I got a part-time job at Starbucks. So, I spent most of my day looking for khaki and/or black pants to wear at work. This was harder than you may think. I am a small woman, I am only 4’11’’, and so I have a hard time finding pants that fit me in the waist and in length. It sucks. But I had no problem finding them today. It was so wonderful.

I also got to have dinner with my good friend Laura and my best friend is coming over to hang out tonight. I hardly ever get to see her because she is still going to school in Kansas. She is supper bust because it is her last year and she does not have time to come home all the time. My cousin also stopped by. I have a three-day weekend, I found pants that fit, I ate with a good friend at a delicious restaurant, I get to see m best friend, and today is a wonderful day!


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