Warming Up.

It is finally getting cold here in the Ozarks. We don’t have cold days we have chilly days right now. But out mornings and nights are cold. It is the kind of cold where your toes and nose stay cold despite the fact that you are inside your warm home.

On nights like this I tend to wear my leggings and a large t-shirt:


I make a warm cup of tea:


I put a movie on:


Then I curl up on my couch in my biggest, softest, warmest blanket:


(This is seriously the best blanket ever! I know it is the best blanket because if I try to sleep with it I won’t get up in the morning because I am TOO cozy.)

IMG_2963I may even light a candle.

This is what I do to warm up when I am cold on those frigid Ozark nights.

What do you do in your neck of the woods?


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