Why I Reread Books.

I am an avid rereader. I love to re-read books that I own and I get a lot of strange comments from friends and family. Some seem to find it odd that I like reread books. They get confused and say that there are so many books out there to read how can you back track?Here are some of the reasons I give them as to why I choose look at a book again.

It reminds you of good ideas.

  • According to lifeoptimizer.org, there is research that suggests that people forget what they read within 24 hours.

By rereading a book you get to rediscover ideas and refresh them in your mind. It helps you to notice new ideas and themes you may not have noticed in your first read.You gain a new perspective.

As you change and grow so does the way you may perceive a book.

  • Revisiting past ideas with a new perspective is a good learning experience.

Some books just make you happy to read.

  • Even though I know what happens in the Harry Potter books I still enjoy reading them. They remind me of the way I felt the first time I read them and I love that feeling. It is a very comforting feeling.

It is economically friendly.

  • If I am tight on money I will re-read books that I own.

Rereading a book is similar to rewatching a movie.

  • It is engaging, entertaining, and a fun way to pass the time.

You are already grounded in the characters. You can spend more time with the details of the story.

These are a few reasons why I reread. Why do you?

What are some of your favorite books to reread?


3 thoughts on “Why I Reread Books.

  1. Nice to read this post.
    I haven’t re-read a lot of books but there are quite a few:
    Love Story by Eric Segal : read it 6 times and cried every time I read it!
    Pride and Prejudice: read it 3 times just because I loved Darcy’s character!

    I do want to read Gone With the Wind, Atlas Shrugged and Fountain Head once more 🙂

  2. I agree with you. I love re-reading books, I have re-read all my library by now but my favorites for re-reading are Lord of the Rings, Percy Jackson, A Seven Realm series and Harry Potter. I believe that we change in a constant way, so we may not understand the same things when you read a book 5 years ago than reading the same book with your current self. It’s also nice to discover details that you have forgotten in the book.

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