Long Time, No Write?

Soooooo, it’s been awhile gang.

I’m sorry but I have been more focused on my life away from the computer lately. I have been trying to find my place in this world away from technology. Not that technology is bad but we do not need to be constantly attached. Sometimes I find myself so absorbed in the technology in my life that I fail to make regular, daily interactions with the HUMAN BEINGS around me. 

These months away from blogging and internet have led me to better draw a line between online life and real life. I will continue to blog and be online but I will invest more time in the people I make daily contact with than I did before. I will consciously put my phone away at work, at a restaurant, or while with friends. I will reserve internet time for the evenings. I will be less connected to the technological world and more connected to the physical and spiritual one around me.

I look for to blogging with this new mindset. 


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