The Burrow Takes the United Kingdom and Ireland.


I am super excited to announce that a couple friends and I are going to be going to the United Kingdom and Ireland for two weeks in May. We will be going to London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, and Dublin. While we are there we are going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour (like any self-respecting Potterhead would). We are also going to go to the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff. Needless to say we are going to be geeking out hardcore while we are there.

I am going with two previous roommates that I had my senior year of college. We had a wonderful year and became what I believe to be the best of friends while we were living together. You see, we all actually know each other from high school but lost touch when we went to college. However, my junior year Laura contacted me and asked if I wanted to be her roommate the next year. I was anxious at first but I said yes. Then Laura mentioned that Becca, a fellow friend from high school, was looking for a roommate as well. It only made sense for us to get a third roommate to save some money one rent. So Becca, Laura, and I moved into an apartment together for our last year of undergrad. That was a wonderful year.

We watched HOURS of Doctor Who. Got Becca addicted to Harry Potter (SHE HAD NEVER READ THEM!). Made forts. Had crazy snow days. We had fun but we also had serious times as well. We talked about the future. We argued about ideas. Discussed politics, ethics, and spirituality. We became really close that year.

When we graduated we kind of went different ways, Becca to grad school in Miami, and Laura moved home. But somehow we never lost touch. This last year Laura has been in France, so Becca and I decided to make a trip out to see her. I know we are all so excited to experience new things together in London, and stay in hostels together. I cannot wait!


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