Why I Reread Books.

I am an avid rereader. I love to re-read books that I own and I get a lot of strange comments from friends and family. Some seem to find it odd that I like reread books. They get confused and say that there are so many books out there to read how can you back track?Here are some of the reasons I give them as to why I choose look at a book again.

It reminds you of good ideas.

  • According to lifeoptimizer.org, there is research that suggests that people forget what they read within 24 hours.

By rereading a book you get to rediscover ideas and refresh them in your mind. It helps you to notice new ideas and themes you may not have noticed in your first read.You gain a new perspective.

As you change and grow so does the way you may perceive a book.

  • Revisiting past ideas with a new perspective is a good learning experience.

Some books just make you happy to read.

  • Even though I know what happens in the Harry Potter books I still enjoy reading them. They remind me of the way I felt the first time I read them and I love that feeling. It is a very comforting feeling.

It is economically friendly.

  • If I am tight on money I will re-read books that I own.

Rereading a book is similar to rewatching a movie.

  • It is engaging, entertaining, and a fun way to pass the time.

You are already grounded in the characters. You can spend more time with the details of the story.

These are a few reasons why I reread. Why do you?

What are some of your favorite books to reread?


REVIEW: The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield

200px-ThirteenthtaleTitle: The Thirteenth Tale

Author: Diane Setterfield

Official Summary:

“Reclusive author Vida Winter, famous for her collection of twelve enchanting stories, has spent the past six decades penning a series of alternate lives for herself. Now old and ailing, she is ready to reveal the truth about her extraordinary existence and the violent and tragic past she has kept secret for so long. Calling on Margaret Lea, a young biographer troubled by her own painful history, Vida disinters the life she meant to bury for good. Margaret is mesmerized by the author’s tale of gothic strangeness — featuring the beautiful and willful Isabelle, the feral twins Adeline and Emmeline, a ghost, a governess, a topiary garden and a devastating fire. Together, Margaret and Vida confront the ghosts that have haunted them while becoming, finally, transformed by the truth themselves.”

My Thoughts: I have had this book on my shelf for about a year until I picked it up to read a couple of weeks ago. Up until then I was binging on YA novels. I had just finished Allegiant and I needed a palette cleanser. Not that Allegiant was bad, in fact I loved it, but I needed to get away from the common themes that crop up in YA literature.

This book is not a sci-fi thriller. It is not a dystopian novel. It is a story of siblings, twindom, loss, and love. The Thirteenth Tale is a mystery and a ghost story. I really enjoyed reading this book and the insight it had on what life is like for siblings and twins. I am an only child; therefore, I had little idea of what kind of love is developed between siblings.

I never quite understood the attachment people have with their siblings or twin. I have read empirical evidence about the connection made but I have never read or heard about the spiritual side of siblings. That is until I read this book. I absolutely loved this book. I plan on recommending this book to all of my friends to read. I recommend it to you my readers as well.

Have you read any good books lately? What are they?

REVIEW: Allegiant by Veronica Roth (3/3 of Divergent Series)


Title: Allegiant (3/3 in the Divergent series)

Author: Veronica Roth

Version Read: eBook, because I am STILL waiting for my copy BARNES & NOBLE! I preordered the book hoping I would have it the say of release but no it was shipped on the day it was released. Next time I will just take my chances at the bookstore.

Summary: The Official Synopsis from the backside and inside flap.

One Choice Can Transform You.

Once Choice Can Destroy You.

One Choice Will Define You.

What if your whole world was a lie?

What if a single revelation–like a single choice–change everything?

The faction-based society that Tris Prior once believed in is shattered-fractured by violence and power struggles and scarred by loss and betrayal. So when offered a chance to explore the world past the limits she’s known, Tris is ready. Perhaps beyond the fence, she and Tobias will find a simple new life together, free from complicated lies, tangled loyalties, and painful memories.

But Tris’s new reality is even more alarming than the one she left behind. Old discoveries are quickly rendered meaningless. Explosive new truths change the hearts of those she loves. And once again, Tris must battle to comprehend the complexities of human nature—and of herself—while facing impossible choices about courage, allegiance, sacrifice, and love.

My Feelings:

I had a hard time switching between the two points of view. But I also had the same problem while I was reading Breaking Dawn. I believe this is because while reading these books I am in a Tris frame of mind. It was just what I had come to expect from the books. However, by the end of the book I understood why she chose to write from two perspectives. The book tied up loose ends and answered questions. This book was not my favorite of the three books but it was not bad I would give it about 3 and 3/4 stars. But the series as a whole is totally 5 stars. I recommend this series to everyone.

Thank You:

Thank you Veronica Roth for creating this wonderful and captivating world. Thank you for creating Tris and Tobias. But most importantly, thank you for making us, your readers, truly think.

REVIEW: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

16068905Title: Fangirl

Author: Rainbow Rowell

Format: Hard back copy

Date Read: October 21, 2013 (You read that right ladies and gents, 1 day)

Summary from Goodreads:

Cath is a Simon Snow fan.

Okay, the whole world is a Simon Snow fan . . .

But for Cath, being a fan is her life — and she’s really good at it. She and her twin sister, Wren, ensconced themselves in the Simon Snow series when they were just kids; it’s what got them through their mother leaving.

Reading. Rereading. Hanging out in Simon Snow forums, writing Simon Snow fan fiction, dressing up like the characters for every movie premiere.

Cath’s sister has mostly grown away from fandom, but Cath can’t let go. She doesn’t want to.

Now that they’re going to college, Wren has told Cath she doesn’t want to be roommates. Cath is on her own, completely outside of her comfort zone. She’s got a surly roommate with a charming, always-around boyfriend, a fiction-writing professor who thinks fan fiction is the end of the civilized world, a handsome classmate who only wants to talk about words . . . And she can’t stop worrying about her dad, who’s loving and fragile and has never really been alone.

For Cath, the question is: Can she do this?

Can she make it without Wren holding her hand? Is she ready to start living her own life? Writing her own stories?

And does she even want to move on if it means leaving Simon Snow behind.

Fist Impression:

I saw this booking sitting on the shelf at Barnes & Noble and I picked it up. I read the inside flap and saw that the book was about a girl in love with a fictional world. I was able to relate to Cath’s love of Simon from the beginning because I am a mega Harry Potter fan. I read the first page of the story and it was a fake wikipedia entry about Simon Snow and it made me giggle. I knew from that moment I had to read this book!

Things I Loved:

All of it! I finished this book feeling that the story was real. The story resonated within me. I love how Rowell created a real voice for Cath. I feel as though Cath could be my best friends, my fandom friend. The love story is extremely realistic. It wasn’t some sappy story but one that seems to happen to people in real life.

Things I Do Not Like:

That is ended. I could have kept reading about Cath, Simon, Levi, Reagan, and Wren. But it had to end and it ended in the best way possible.

Overall Thoughts:

Go out and buy this book…NOW! Go! Get to reading! You won’t regret it.

I give it 5 stars.

Enough reading this blog about the book and read it!

Waiting for Allegiant.


I have not had a count down for a book release since the last Harry Potter book but I have been waiting since I finished reading Insurgent by Veronica Roth. We have seven days, five hours, thirty-seven minutes, and some odd seconds until we can read it. Unless you are one of those people who got the accidental shipping this last month. I secretly wish there was going to be midnight release party at my local Barnes & Noble. Even though there is not going to be a party I will be celebrating when I get my hands on that book!

REVIEW: Doon (DOON Series #1) Carey Corp & Lorie Langdon


Title: Doon

Author: Carey Corp & Lorie Langdon

Publisher: Zondervan

Format: Hard back copy

Date Read: August 5-7, 2013 (I read this book awhile ago BUT I didn’t have blog then!)

Summary on Inside Flap:

“Veronica doesn’t think she’s going crazy. But why can’t anyone else see the mysterious blond boy who keeps popping up wherever she goes?

When her best friend, Mackenna, invites her to spend the summer in Scotland, Veronica jumps at the opportunity to leave her complicated life behind for a few months. But the Scottish countryside holds other plans. Not only has the imaginary kilted boy followed her to Alloway, she and Mackenna uncover a strange set of rings and a very unnerving letter from Mackenna’s aunt – and when the girls test the instructions Aunt Gracie left behind, they find themselves transported to a land the defies explanation.

Doon seems like a real-life fairy tale, complete with one prince who had eyes for Mackenna and another who looks suspiciously like the boy from Veronica’s daydreams. But Doon has a dark underbelly as well. The two girls could have everything they’ve longed for…or they could end up breaking an enchantment and find themselves trapped in a world that has become a nightmare.”

First Impression:

I first thought about picking up the book to read because of Hypable.com’s podcast BookHype. The podcast brought the two authors on the show to discuss their new book. From listening to the podcast I thought, “Hmmm I may like this.”  The book is co-authored and has two perspectives throughout the book.  This leads to a very interesting dynamic. One author wrote the Veronica chapters and the other wrote Mackenna’s chapters.  This gave both the characters extremely different voices, which made the reading of two different story lines in one book easier. The cover is a cover that I am not usually attracted to and I probably would not have picked it up if not for the podcast.  I am not big on girls in dresses on the covers of my books.

Things I Liked:

I really enjoy how this story is a play off of the original story of the Brig o’ Doon.  This is a fun tie to our reality that makes this story feel more real. It reminds me of how J.K. Rowling would talk about famous wizards, Merlin, that we know about to keep us believing that her world really exists in our reality. I also liked the potential of character development and strong female characters.

Things I Did Not Like:

I did not like how fast paced the book was. I feel as though there could have been more character development before the story moves to Scotland and then suddenly we are on the adventure in Doon. I feel as though the story was a little rushed. This could be like what happened to J.K. Rowling’s first book where she did not have much say on length and I hope that the bigger the following of Doon becomes the more leeway Corp and Langdon will get.

Overall Thoughts:

On Good Reads I gave this book three out of five stars. The average rating was 3.76. I did really enjoy the book and I would give it to a friend if they were in a need a of quick read for some reason.