Buffy The Vampire Slayer


I am really getting into Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I have been binging on this show!! I recommend it to everyone!!
What was the last show you binged on?


Eight Reasons I Could Marry Ben Wyatt

Leslie Knope I am absolutely IN LOVE with your husband. Yes, Ben Wyatt (From Parks and Rec) may be fictional but I have compiled a list of reasons why I could potentially marry him!

So here we go:

1. He love calzones. I mean who does not love a good calzone. They are like pizza but better.

2. He writes FanFiction. Now, it is for Star Trek, a show I do not watch, but it is refreshing to see someone unashamed of being in a fandom.

3. He is a major fan of Batman.

4. He is a nationally ranked player in Settlers of Catan

5. He enjoys summer jams like Shoop by Salt n’ Peppa.

6. He tells extremely dry but hilarious jokes.

7. He likes Game of Thrones

8. Oh, and he is just ADORABLE!.


Fall Movie Suggestions.

Considering how awesome fall is I thought I would make you all a list of my favorite movies to get me in the mood for the cool weather, colorful leaves, and sweaters.

So here it is:

All 8 Harry Potter films (Ideally you’ll watch the bonus features as well. Oh and do them all in one weekend)
Just about everything Tim Burton

Sleepy Hollow

Big Fish

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Corpse Bride

Edward Scissorhands

**EDIT: Beetlejuice! my friend, Emily, reminded me about this one and I cannot believe I forgot it!! SORRY!

Halloween Town I and II (you can get these in a two pack at Target!)

Hocus Pocus

I suggest that while watching these movies you light your favorite fall scented candles and curl up in your favorite quilt with your favorite fall drink.

Here are my suggestions for fall drinks:

Mulled Cider

Hot Butterbeer

Hot Chocolate


P.S. Doesn’t this Butterbeer look delicious!!