I Am A Night Owl.

I am most certainly a night owl. As far as I can remember I have always been one. I believe that my brain starts functioning better after the fall of dusk. When I was little I would fake not being able to sleep just so I could stay up “late” with my dad and watch T.V. At that time in my life late was ten p.m. As I got older I would stay up late with a flashlight reading until two a.m. or I would procrastinate my homework in high school until after ten.

This usually made my mom mad because she had a hard time making sure I was up in time in the morning. We had a lot of angry exchanges in the mornings throughout my adolescent years because I refused to wake up until the last minute. These arguments would lead to groundings and then more arguments. But I still did it.

Throughout college I preferred my late afternoon classes to the dreaded eight a.m. classes. Those eight a.m. classes were often missed or I was barely there mentally to even focus. I did most of my studying of the evening. I also did most of my writing for class of the nights as well. I was excelling because I was finally able to choose a schedule that complimented my inner night owl.

I still stay up late when I can but I can’t always. I now work two jobs that both have early morning hours as well as late night hours. Now it all depends on when I am scheduled. But none the less I am a night owl.


Why I Reread Books.

I am an avid rereader. I love to re-read books that I own and I get a lot of strange comments from friends and family. Some seem to find it odd that I like reread books. They get confused and say that there are so many books out there to read how can you back track?Here are some of the reasons I give them as to why I choose look at a book again.

It reminds you of good ideas.

  • According to lifeoptimizer.org, there is research that suggests that people forget what they read within 24 hours.

By rereading a book you get to rediscover ideas and refresh them in your mind. It helps you to notice new ideas and themes you may not have noticed in your first read.You gain a new perspective.

As you change and grow so does the way you may perceive a book.

  • Revisiting past ideas with a new perspective is a good learning experience.

Some books just make you happy to read.

  • Even though I know what happens in the Harry Potter books I still enjoy reading them. They remind me of the way I felt the first time I read them and I love that feeling. It is a very comforting feeling.

It is economically friendly.

  • If I am tight on money I will re-read books that I own.

Rereading a book is similar to rewatching a movie.

  • It is engaging, entertaining, and a fun way to pass the time.

You are already grounded in the characters. You can spend more time with the details of the story.

These are a few reasons why I reread. Why do you?

What are some of your favorite books to reread?

Reading Is My Relaxation.

Today has been a crazy, hectic day. At work we did our Christmas photo for our facility’s Christmas card. That is a crazy adventure. We try to fit all of our 107 residents and large staff into one picture. It takes us at least an hour to set everyone up for very few photos. That was only the first hour and a half of work. I then spent the rest of my work day answering phones, call lights, talking to the residents, cleaning, etc.

Then, after I got off work, I took my friend Eugene (he’s 86) shopping because he needed new tennis shoes. His wife just died so I have been trying to get him out of the facility when I can. We walked around Academy and looked at shoes and other things. We then went to eat dinner at Freddy’s (which is a delicious steak burger place, I am a known addict). While there we talked about his wife, his family, and his feelings. This can be exhausting but I never mind helping him in any way I can. 

I literally just got home. I have been out of the house for the last 14 hours. I need to relax. So what do I do when I need to relax after a hectic day? I read. I may grab Harry Potter because those are easy books for me to read and relax with or I might pick up a new book. I am currently reading a novel call The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Sutterfield. I am actually really enjoying this book and I am almost done with it. I will put my review up when I am finished with it. 

I know this post is a little scattered but I believe that is because at the moment my mind is scattered. I read to put my mind back together. I read to relax.